Asset Management

Aircraft Investments and Asset Manager: Aircraft have proven to be a profitable asset class for various types of investors and investment funds, including pension funds investment banks, insurance companies and private institutional investors. However the watchword always has to be one of caution. The imperative is to buy the right aircraft at the right price and at the right time…and to do exactly the same when you sell.

To do so effectively requires constant monitoring of the aircraft market and equipment value trends. It requires being aware of what the main supply and demand inputs are at any one time and being able to integrate them into longer term and cyclical patterns.

A Lifetime of Experience: Our in-house research team – supported by our senior executives who have had a lifetime of watching the aircraft industry’s ups and downs, identify the components needed to successfully build aircraft portfolios for investors.

The factors under consideration are broad reflecting the complexity of this marketplace, the avoidance of concentration, the awareness of the risks sometimes posed by leases and cross-collateralized structures, the knowledge and understanding of the impact of cyclical market conditions on the aircraft leasing industry and the expertise needed in developing innovative legal and financing structures.

Individually Tailored: Aircraft investment services that are structured by Cloud Global for financial institutions and investment companies are designed individually to the investor’s needs (including yield requirement and geographical exposure) and risk profile. Our Group company, CG Aviation, also acts as co-sponsor in its aircraft investments. Types of investment services include:

  • Structuring aircraft leasing and financial products for equity investors
    • (including aircraft origination, sourcing, negotiation, conclusion, management, remarketing and others)
  • Aircraft investment funds
  • Conventional aircraft lease finance structures
  • Tailor-made and turn-key solutions for aircraft sourcing and remarketing.

Through its aircraft leasing platform, origination and co-investment capabilities, Cloud Global provides a unique partnership approach to its global customers and partners with respect to aircraft investments.

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